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Ball Systems is a full-service test and automation engineering company offering a wide variety of solutions and services to a broad range of industries. We provide talented specialists with applied experience and an excellent command of the tools of the trade. Above all, we partner with you to engineer answers.

Our goal is to improve the lives of the engineers we serve.

We distinguish ourselves by providing quality, custom-engineered solutions, cost-effectively. Having been former test development, automation, and product development engineers with experience from companies like IBM, Compaq Computers, Raytheon, Delphi Electronics, Honeywell, and HP, we understand the pressures engineers face, and the importance of responsiveness and flexibility.

Choose Ball Systems to help you realize your engineering vision.


Ball Systems is headquartered centrally near Indianapolis, Indiana (specifically in Westfield, Indiana) with regional offices in:

  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Detroit, Michigan

Our diverse geographical footprint enables seamless customer support and efficient product delivery. Ball Systems maintains an open door policy, and our customers are welcome to visit regularly throughout their project’s development and production phases and beyond. Though we always take the necessary precautions to protect the confidentiality of other projects currently underway, customers are welcome to check-in on the status of their projects, and to visit with our engineers and staff as they see fit.

Our Commitment

The philosophy of Ball Systems is quite simple. Our goal is to add value to our customers’ project and/or test development teams. Working with you as an extension of your team, we design and build equipment and software solutions that exceed your expectations and requirements. Depending on our customers’ needs, our services range from build-to-print to original design. Our equipment is used for a multitude of electronics testing, measurement, and control purposes, in addition to research and development applications. Ball Systems’ diverse technical expertise, customer service philosophy, and vendor relationships provide a foundation for premium quality, cost efficiency, and responsiveness.


We value our current partnerships and know partnering involves a critical and strategic focus. As an engineering company, we understand the importance in choosing components with care. That’s why we’re equally selective when it comes to choosing partners. Ball Systems is proud to partner with the following best-of-breed suppliers.

Test Solutions Partners

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Automation Solution Partners

Value to Customers

Ball Systems provides custom-engineered solutions for our customers’ unique challenges with the intent of adding value to their project and test development teams. We realize your company’s products continue to increase in complexity, technology, and levels of integration while development cycles are shortening. We understand your world. While marketing and product development “refine” the product design, the end delivery date doesn’t move. The remaining time for the validation and manufacturing test engineer is continually compressed. We’ve been in your shoes.

We get it.

Ball Systems was founded more than 50 years ago on the premise of simplifying the lives of the test engineering customers we serve. Our solutions and processes have been refined over decades to simplify the job of the test engineer while improving test results, costs, and efficiency.

Simplifying test for the engineers we serve.

We understand that the manufacturing engineer or the test engineer is often the last to be notified, and the first to be blamed. We understand. We’ve been where you are, sometimes spending the night on the factory floor with the spotlight on you alone. Our goal is to make the engineer’s life easier through quality, responsiveness, flexibility and attention to detail. We utilize our experiences, our quality processes, and our best-in-class partners to deliver and install solutions to fill your needs.

High Performance


Quality is a given. Systems used in your process must work. Quality is not a differentiator, it’s a requirement, and the engineering has to meet your needs. That’s the price of modern commerce. What sets us apart is how we get you there. It’s about experience. It’s about predictability. It’s about planning. It’s about efficiency, and it’s about communication. Our processes have been honed to consistently deliver high quality, innovative, durable, systems on-time and as-promised. We just deliver. 

Breadth and Depth

Our experience also spans the entire product life cycle within your organization, including expertise ranging from product modeling and prototyping, through validation, into manufacturing test, and out to field service solutions. We’re equally adept at developing cross-enterprise strategies as well as tactical execution of detailed test requirements.

Integrated Enterprise

We’ve structured Ball Systems to be a fully integrated enterprise. Ball Systems has the capability and facilities to design and manufacture test and automation solutions ranging from small table-top systems to fully integrated production lines. Our cross-disciplined project teams leverage years of both corporate and private manufacturing and process engineering experience at companies like Delphi, Whirlpool, IBM, Honeywell, HP, and Raytheon to help solve your problems. Whether your project is software only, hardware design-only, purely mechanical, electrical and mechanical, design and build, or build-to-print, we can address your needs completely in-house, and thus are able to explicitly control the success of your solution. While many of our competitors must subcontract various aspects of a project, we simplify the management of your project by providing a truly turnkey solution to fit your needs.

Case Study

Ball Systems recently partnered with a leading aircraft manufacturer to provide extensive support for their data acquisition bus platform. After seeing the effectiveness and efficiency that the relationship with Ball Systems provided, this customer has increasingly outsourced major aspects of their projects including: Product design of product PCAs, ATE test system design, ATE test system modular software, production of product PCAs, testing of PCAs, driver development, end product software development, and design and assembly of field analysis/test tools. The ability to provide this turnkey solution has improved project delivery cycles and predictability while allowing the customer to focus on strategic product definition, marketing, and sales.  Learn More

Innovative Solutions

Ball Systems’ seasoned staff of deep technical experts has been assembled with the express purpose of delivering solid, well-designed, innovative solutions to our customers’ most difficult problems. Whether it’s a test system for a complex, highly integrated, military aerospace electronics application, a complex mechanical application, or an efficiently architected software application, our team has the experience to solve your problem.

Client Victories

After 7 other companies attempted to remedy a PCA manufacturing process challenge for a major aerospace customer, Ball Systems solved the perplexing issue to complete client satisfaction.

Ball Systems integrated an entirely new modular manufacturing test, data collection, and line control implementation within a newly installed manufacturing line for a major appliance producer, helping bridge the gap between outside vendor sources.
One of the world’s largest engine manufacturers sought Ball Systems to automate their software modeling development and reuse through custom architected platform. This HIL modeling system cut product development cycles by 70% while reducing the cost of prototyping and associated scrap. Learn More
Ball Systems automated a mechanical test stand for a hydraulic door closer, including six axis of motion – exceeding client’s expectation – for a leading manufacturer of commercial doors closers.

Dependable Support

Having designed, integrated and installed systems for Fortune-500 companies in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Central America, Ball Systems backs its systems with full document creation, operation and maintenance training, along with unrivaled support and service. We’re experienced in providing on-site as well as web and phone-based support for customer solutions. Ball Systems’ diverse technical expertise, customer service philosophy, and vendor relationships provide a foundation for premium quality, cost efficiency, and responsiveness.

Company History

Very Beginning

Ball Systems has been a leader in the custom electronics test equipment market since 1966. At its inception, the company provided engineering consulting services to national and international customers in a variety of industries including television, magnetics, heavy chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, and automotive. The majority of consultation work involved specialized equipment that measured or controlled critical product functionality.

Early Years

In 1974, in response to the recognized needs of current customers, Ball Systems opened design and production facilities. These services were added to supplement the company’s consulting services and to provide a much needed capability for our customers – the design and manufacture of custom electronics equipment.

Passing Decades

Through the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s, the company continued to grow its presence primarily in the automotive electronics testing space. At the same time, the tube-based television industry took a dramatic turn with the introduction of flat-panel LCD televisions. During the same period, the company went through more turmoil when its founder, Dr. Irvin Ball passed away. During the interim, Ball Systems was operated by other Ball family members. The early 2000’s saw two other short-term owners before Andy Caine and Patrick Turley acquired the company in 2006.

New Leadership

With the arrival of new owners in 2006, an aggressive push was made in diversifying and expanding Ball Systems’ customer base, market segmentation and geographical footprint. That push for diversification saw great success, simultaneously growing the company over 45% per year. The company also expanded geographically by opening offices in St. Louis and Chicago. In 2013, Ball Systems recognized the macro-trend of increasing levels of integration of RF/wireless technologies into every facet of modern life. Whether in industrial or commercial applications, the integration of intelligence (processing) coupled with RF/wireless technologies was undeniable. In response to this macro trend, Ball Systems acquired the custom engineering business of Hensley Technologies in Kansas City, with specialization in both RF and semiconductor mixed-signal and RF testing. In mid-2014, Ball Systems continued its geographical and vertical expansion plans by opening an office in Orange County, California focused primarily on RF testing.

Current Direction

Today, Ball Systems continues its role as a leader in the custom electronics industry and is a valued supplier to many large and small companies in the United States and abroad. Our customers include companies such as Boeing, NXP, Hewlett-Packard (HP), DRS, Motorola, Honeywell, Bosch, National Instruments, Tellabs, Delphi Electronics and Safety, TRW Automotive, General Electric (GE), Whirlpool, Continental, Flextronics, FoxConn, Solectron, Inventec, Technicolor, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba, Philips, and many others.