Semiconductor Testing

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Benefit from Ball Systems’ expertise. We assist semiconductor device manufacturers and their test teams, with test solutions that provide:
  • improved flexibility
  • modularity
  • technical capability
  • reliability and repeatability
  • reduced cost and lead times

Optimize Semiconductor Testing

Ball Systems recognizes that the semiconductor industry professionals are confronted with constantly evolving technologies and market realities that demand greater breadth of testing and measurement solutions. These, along with higher levels of integration, including RF and wireless, faster product development times, and the need to drive down the costs, are the new norm.

Achieve optimal results through Ball Systems’ approach.

By leveraging over 40-years of custom test system design and integration history, while also developing and utilizing the latest software-defined instrumentation, Ball Systems provides the semiconductor engineer with the ability to lower the overall cost of chip test by adopting modular, lower-cost, and highly-flexible platforms like NI’s PXI, and scalable software, such as LabVIEW and TestStand.

Meeting the Challenges

Dedicated semiconductor and RF teams at Ball Systems focus on developing solutions for some of the most challenging and rapidly advancing new semiconductor areas including:

Automated System for Mixed Signal ASICLearn More
  • Mixed-Signal ASIC Testing
  • High-Speed and High-Power RF Test Requirements
  • Analog-to-digital-converters (ADCs) to power management ICs (PMICs)
  • Validation and Parametric Testing of RF and Mixed-Signal ASICs
  • RF Module Testing

Ball Systems’ position as a National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner, in combination with deep specialized RF and semiconductor expertise, and an extensive team of certified software architects and developers, provide the technical underpinnings to solve the most complex engineering problems.

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Our history as a test system integrator also allows us to provide custom integration and hardware development where an off-the-shelf system may not meet the customer requirements. Finally, our ability to manufacture both custom and COTS-based test systems in prototype or high volumes is unique in the industry.

Semiconductor Test Capabilities:

  • Semiconductor IC test systems and load boards capable of spanning device development, prototyping, verification, characterization, and production test
  • RF, mixed-signal, power amplifiers, A-D’s, etc.
  • IC test plan development and device characterization
  • Verification/validation, characterization, final test, wafer probe
  • Voltage, temperature, and device configuration characterization
  • Dynamic, offset, statistical, energy, capacitance, and resistance performance
  • Handler/prober integration
  • Device interface/load board design, fabrication and manufacture
  • Soft-dock and hard-dock
  • Reduce test times from weeks to hours without process variable reduction
  • Per Pin Measurement Capability (PPMC) and 4-quadrant sourcing
  • Multi-site abstraction
  • Multi-controller architecture with independent resources

Team with Ball Systems and leverage our depth and breadth of testing, technical pedigree and experience, to tackle some of the technological challenges you’re facing in the semiconductor field.

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Featured Projects

High-Power RF Semiconductor Test System

f-rf-High-Power-RF-Semiconductor-Test-SystemNI PXI-based high-power RF test system and software. Custom designed for semiconductor customer testing high-power WiFi IC.

Ball Systems developed a customized high-power RF IC test system based on NI’s PXI-based semiconductor testing platform for the testing of high-power WiFi semiconductor IC. RF testing included the following requirements:

  • Operates from 700 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Gain of 20-25 dB
  • Provides 2 channels of high-power and coupled monitor power
  • Bypass path for each amplifier configured for power-up state
  • Input and output ports are SMA-female connectors
  • Switch lifetime of infinite cycles
  • Switching time of less than 1 msec including settling
  • Control and bias of switches via PXI modules
  • Output saturated level of +33 dBm or greater at 6 GHz and +36 dBm at 2.5 GHz

Mixed-Signal ASIC Test

f-rf-Mixed-Signal-ASIC-TestDeveloped parametric characterization tester for a mixed-signal ASIC used in a solar micro-inverter. LabVIEW drivers and a TestStand sequence, with subsequences, were developed for 15 measurements using 27 chip configurations over voltage and temperature limits. PXI hardware consisting of an 18-slot chassis with ARB, scope, HSDIO, DMM, MUX, relay, analog out cards was used with GPIB interface to the thermal test head and external modular power supplies.

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