Matt hofferth

Test Engineer

Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical  engineering from Purdue University and is on our design engineering team.

His primary role as a lead design engineer is to head up the engineering project team and leverage expertise when needed. Matt has spent 11 years in the automotive sphere designing engine controllers and brings a wealth of experience to Ball Systems as a result. 

It's Matt's philosophy that comprehensive testing is often an underappreciated part of the engineering design process.

"Pushing the limits of a design is key to demonstrating robustness and gaining confidence in the quality of the end product," Matt said. "Therefore, test design can be an art form unto itself. As a design engineer, it's my goal to provide my customers with elegant and effective solutions that close the loop on their design process and prove the reliability of their product."

In his spare time, Matt is a prolific writer and has written and self-published three fantasy novels that are currently available online. He is also an assistant coach for the Westfield High School Shamrocks.