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Tap into decades of extensive engineering and design experience to resolve your most perplexing technical issues.
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While solving complex technical challenges for our customers is a Ball Systems specialty, we also pay particular attention to ensuring that our solutions and designs meet or exceed client expectations by being:

  • timely
  • cost-effective
  • uncomplicated (easy to manufacture and maintain)
  • easy to use (simple to operate)
Client Focused | Meaningful Results

Our in-house technical staff of designers, programmers, engineers and innovators, with backgrounds including: product design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, manufacturing engineering, and industrial engineering (to name a few), have helped develop, build, and install customized and innovative solutions to our customers worldwide.

Custom Engineering Capabilities:

Electrical Design

  • System and architecture design
  • Electrical requirements definition and gathering
  • Electronic circuit design (Orcad, Cadence, Altium, Multisim, Mentor Graphics)
  • Electronic circuit simulation (ModelSIM, Multisim, Altium)
  • PCB design (high speed, RF, power, etc.)
  • PCB layout (Altium, Orcad, Cadence, Ultiboard, Mentor Graphics)
  • Prototype and production PCB assembly
  • Electronic testing and design verification
  • Microcontroller, FPGA, CPLD design
  • Video and audio processing
  • Analog design
  • Signal conditioning and processing
  • Communication interfaces (e.g., USB, RS232/RS485, CAN, ARINC, MIL-STD, proprietary (e.g., Boeing Intellibus, GE GEA, Whirlpool WIDE, etc.)
  • Battery powered and portable devices (battery charging & management)
  • Sensors and controllers (including touch-screen display)
  • High speed digital (e.g., PXI, PCI, PCI Express, Memory)
  • Power supply design (including switching power supply design)
  • Inductor design – toroid, E-core, U-core

RF Design

  • Custom RF hardware designs
  • Component, module, and system level design
  • Characterization, performance assessment, verification
  • Legacy RF system hardware and software upgrade/conversion and validation
  • RF capability, DC to 40 GHz+, and high power
  • From simple to complex modulation

Software Design

  • System and architecture design
  • Software requirements
  • Microcontroller software
  • DSP software
  • RF software
  • PC software
  • Programmable logic

Mechanical Design

  • System and architecture design
  • Mechanical requirements
  • 3D CAD design
  • 3D part modeling
  • Part and assembly documentation
  • Mechanical prototyping and production
  • Enclosure design
  • Material selection
  • Test fixture design

Systems Engineering

  • Feasibility studies
  • Requirements documentation
  • Requirements management
  • Product development
  • Prototyping and early run production

Breadth of Scope

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From concept to design to rapid prototyping and through to production, the cross-disciplinary strengths of our technical teams at Ball Systems can assist with your most challenging design, production, and/or test problems. We are a fully integrated service provider.

Design | Build | Deploy

Focused on our customers engineering needs within the industrial, commercial and consumer markets, our designs often include: user controls, instrumentation, software and electronics, to interface with the user or the product’s environment. For these products, intelligent and interactive features such as: graphical displays, control panels, touch-screens, sound devices, signal processing equipment, etc., can be customized to significantly improve a product’s functionality and user acceptance. Our mission is to create optimal solutions for our customers that are innovative, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Featured Projects

Proprietary On-Aircraft Data System Bus Analyzer

f-cust-mfg-handheld-proprietaty-communications-bus-test-systemHandheld, portable, proprietary communications bus test system.

Customer required a handheld device for engineers and technicians to interrogate and test on-aircraft proprietary high-speed deterministic data acquisition and communications system.

System designed based on NI’s sbRIO platform, and includes LabVIEW FPGA, VHDL FPGA, custom circuit design, battery monitoring/charging, custom GUI, LCD interface programming, and other custom design.

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Custom Portable Tester Including Custom Circuitry and Embedded Firmware

f-test-cust-portable-assembly-plant-tester-2Custom designed portable test box to emulate factory test in self-contained platform.  Includes custom firmware, FPGA, etc.

Automotive electronics customer required a portable test box which could perform a full functional test on-site at their major automotive customer. Unit is capable of emulating in-line production functional test in a highly portable package. Unit designed with custom firmware which provides test control and execution, and also provides for data recording and eventual upload to a PC. Project also entailed development of a custom PC application to provide firmware update capability via USB connection as well as extraction of test data which was recorded. Overall design included circuit design, custom firmware, custom FPGA design, schematic capture, PCB layout, mechanical design, and full turnkey fabrication of units and custom cable harnesses.

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Design and Production of Custom PCBs

f-cust-mfg-custom-PCBS-6Custom designed test circuitry and low-volume production of test cards.

Customer utilizes Ball Systems as a one-stop, fully integrated provider of custom circuit card design and fabrication services. Ball Systems provides turnkey design of custom boards based on either specifications or schematics, and provides custom circuit design, schematic capture, PCB layout, firmware design and coding, custom PC software, LabView programming, and low-volume production.

Custom Designed Multi-axis Control Box

f-mfg-control-box-for-medical-research-lab-device-41Custom designed control box for medical/research lab device. Precision motion control and vision integration.

Control box designed for technology startup to provide motion control and vision system integration for mass spectrometer technology system. Project included custom electrical design, schematic capture, packaging design, custom embedded firmware, prototype development, and turnkey production. Device is now provided to the customer as a turnkey manufactured item, and is shipped with their system as part of their final product.

Custom Designed and Manufactured Test Control Boxes

f-cust-mfg-test-control-boxes-11Test control boxes for major computer OEM server test environment.

Design and production of mid-high volume test control boxes and PCAs for major computer OEM server test environment.

1U 19″ rack mountable control boxes custom designed and manufactured in mid-high volume. Design utilizes OrCAD schematic capture and PCB layout, and 3D mechanical modeling. Project also involved design of custom 1U 19″ chassis, interconnect, and display boards, as well as custom PIC programming. Test boxes built in batches of one to over 350 units per order and shipped on turnkey basis to contract manufacturers worldwide in support of major computer OEM’s server test environment.

Custom Designed Boards for Test Equipment Environment

f-cust-mfg-boards-for-test-equipment-12Design and production of high-volume PCAs used in server test environment.

Circuit boards custom designed and manufactured in mid-high volume. Board design utilizes OrCAD schematic capture and PCB layout. Project also involved design of custom 1U 19″ chassis, interconnect, and display boards, as well as custom PIC programming. Test boxes built in batches of one to over 350 units per order and shipped on turnkey basis to contract manufacturers worldwide in support of major computer OEM’s server test environment.

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