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We specialize in full turnkey automated test systems andspectrum image for website software solutions that help customers rapidly launch test. Ball Systems is a leading provider of comprehensive, high-quality, and timely test solutions to customers worldwide. Our teams have designed, integrated and installed systems for Fortune 1000 companies in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Central America.

We address our customers full product design and product manufacturing lifecycle by creating and implementing test strategies and test solutions to assist our customers in meeting their most complex automated testing requirements.


Test Strategy – Working with Your Team to Create the Best Solution

When it comes to test strategy, we provide our customers with cross-enterprise analysis and consultation regarding the use and reuse of common tools and platforms, optimizing test coverage, and improving resource utilization and cost efficiencies. This practice translates into reduced test time and delivery as well as cost, while also maximizing test coverage.


Project Management – Ensuring on time and on budget delivery of your complete system

To ensure smooth test system development and deployment, each customer interaction is planned, supervised, and managed by a dedicated project manager who represents a single point of contact and coordinates all facets of the project. Ball Systems’ project management methodology helps guarantee consistent planning, execution, and reporting, for on-time delivery within budget for each project.

Service and Support

Ball Systems backs its test systems with full document creation, operation and maintenance training, along with unrivaled support, including on-site installation and service as needed.


Automated Test Systems – Your Needs, Our Sweet Spot

Ball Systems delivers best-in-class automated testing systems, software programming, integrated manufacturing systems, and industrial engineered solutions. Our team has former corporate test engineers, quality assurance engineers, industrial engineers, and test managers who have decades of experience to assist customers in meeting their automated test challenges by offering:

Product Design and Product Modeling

Complete software modeling and rapid prototyping of product designs. This speeds development and increases confidence of product functionality before investing in hardware fabrication and/or large-scale manufacturing.

Validation Test Systems

Design validation modeling, such as HIL (Hardware-in-the-loop), and validation test systems (test stands, test cells, or other automated test features), for confirmation of final product designs prior to roll-out to manufacturing. Includes high bandwidth data acquisition, logging, SPC monitoring and complex data analysis.

Manufacturing Test Systems

Automated test systems and automated test equipment (ATE) for fast and reliable high-volume manufacturing test solutions. Associated software is developed to capture data and integrate the analysis with existing manufacturing data collection and line control systems. Manufacturing engineering and industrial engineering expertise and principles are applied to ensure efficient product flow and resource utilization.

Quality Audit Systems

Retain or improve the health of your manufacturing production processes through automated test systems and automated test software. Designed with your organization’s and industry standard specifications for establishing effective control, along with full analysis of test escapes.

Field Service Tools and Software

Portable tools and supporting software can be developed to assist field technicians and engineers with failure analysis and assessment. Provision for repair depot defect tracking, analysis, and reporting, can be built-in or added-on for complete test system customization and field support.


Proven Test Solutions from NI Experts

As a Gold NI Alliance Partner, Ball Systems uses proven NI hardware and software to deliver custom, reliable test solutions on flexible platforms. We combine electrical, mechanical, and software expertise with proven platforms like NI PXI, sbRIO, cRIO, and LabVIEW to deliver both custom test solutions and build-to-print systems that meet your manufacturing and validation test needs.


Contact us today to let us help you solve your comprehensive test systems.

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Project Gallery

Custom modular designed signal routing and management box for NI PXI aerospace test system.

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Custom designed portable test box to emulate factory test in self-contained platform that includes custom firmware, FPGA, etc.

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SDM-C Assembly Plant Tester

Custom designed NI PXI test console, including custom backplane, card cage, and custom test cards.

Read More.

NI PXI Test Cabinet with Custom Card Cage

Custom wired Virginia Panel (VPC) Interchangable Test Adapter (ITA), this project is custom-designed and wired to provide test interconnect.

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Custom designed programming station to provide simultaneous EEPROM in-line programming in high-speed line.

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UPS Cabinet, Rear View

Custom designed test circuitry and low-volume production of test cards.

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LBX Load Boards

Pneumatically actuated, custom-designed probe block for testing high-current engine control module for hybrid technology vehicle.

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Pneumatically Actuated Custom High-Current Probe Assembly

Custom designed, low profile NI PXI test console, including custom backplane, card cage, and custom test cards.

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NI PXI Test Platform with Custom Card Cage

Custom designed PXI Test Console, including NI Chassis and VPC Interconnect.

Read More.

NI PXI Tester with VPC Interface

Test control boxes for major computer OEM server test environment with custom board design and production.

Read More.

MRBS Power Cycling Boxes

Design and production of high-volume PCAs used in server test environment.

Read More.

MRBS Power Cycle Control Boards

Custom wired and designed Virginia Panel (VPC) Interchangable Test Adapter to provide test interconnect.

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 Interchangeable Test Adapter (ITA)

Pneumatically actuated, custom designed probe block for testing high-current engine control module for hybrid technology vehicle.

 Read More.

High-Current Custom Probe Block

EEPROM verification fixture, including custom mechanical and electrical design and automation.

Read More.

EEPROM Verification Fixture

Custom designed test equipment cable harness, including VPC iCon series quick disconnect and product connectors.

Read More.

Custom iCon Cable Harness

High density custom backplane design and fabrication.

Read More.

Custom Connector Backplane

Custom cable harness design and build.

Read More.

Custom Automotive Cable Harness

Custom dishwasher end-of-line audit system.

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other systems project example

Custom probe blocks and interface circuitry for burn-in cart fixtures.

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Burn-in Cart Fixture

Automation system control panel and enclosure.

Read More.

APM Handler Control Panel

Custom test cable harness for portable automotive audio system tester.

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Automotive Audio Cable Harnesses for Suitcase Tester

Portable suitcase tester for automotive audio systems that is designed to emulate production functional test environment.

Read More.

Automotive Custom Suitcase Tester

256-pin custom test cable harness.

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256-pin Custom Test Cable Harness

1U 19-inch power cycling box.

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1U 19-inch Power Cycling Box

8-bay universal programming platform for EEPROM programming and verification with custom PCAs and integrated custom software.

Read More.

Universal Programming Station

Custom test station for hybrid technology engine control modules that meets high voltage, high power, and automation requirements.

Read More.

Automated PLC Controlled APM Handler

Custom designed programming station to provide simultaneous EEPROM in-line programming in high-speed line.


Universal Programming Cabinet

Pneumatically controlled conditioning nest for engine control module that is custom mechanical, electrical, and firmware design.

Read More.

DC-MF39131 Conditioning Nest

Custom designed mechanical test stand for hydraulic door closer with a custom software interface with PLC control.

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19” rack-mountable programmable custom load box.

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Toyota Modular Load Unit

Test cabinet houses 32 “conditioning nests” in cell manufacturing environment.

Read More.

Multi-unit Rotating Cabinet with Lift

Custom designed engine module tester interface, including custom probe interface, and ergonomic mechanical actuation.

Read More.

Custom designed application to provide fixture automation.
Pneumatic Fixture

Handheld, portable proprietary communications bus test system.

Read More.


Turnkey alternator tester

Read More.


Toroidal inductors designed to application, and manufactured in-house.

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Toroidal inductors designed to application, and manufactured in-house.png

Hussmann Testing

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Hussmann Testing.png

KPA900 Programmer Software

Read More.

KPA900 Programmer Software.png

Instrument Oriented design – BallTestTM Sequencer

Read More.

 Instrument Oriented design – BallTestTM Sequencer1.png

Mixed-Signal ASIC Test

Read More.

Mixed-Signal ASIC Test.png

Desktop hardware-in-the-loop test system.

Read More.

Desktop hardware-in-the-loop test system.png

HIL Fuel Injector Measurement System for ECU Tester.

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HIL Fuel Injector Measurement System for ECU Tester.png

Manufacturing End-Of-Line Gear-Motor Performance Tester.

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NIDEC Motor Tester
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