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For more than 50 years, Ball Systems has served companies developing and manufacturing critical electronic or electro-mechanical components for automotive, aerospace and defense, and consumer appliance applications with custom designed and build-to-print test systems. 

Our tenured test engineering experts have spent the night on the manufacturing floor – we understand the challenges of volume production, the nuances of electronic and electro-mechanical test, the benefits of open solutions with accessible IP, and the pressures of customer timelines – and we create the test solutions you need to make your life easier.

Operating as a nimble extension of your team, we can get you up and running quickly with minimal process overhead. Our teams, located in Indianapolis, St. Louis and Detroit, stay in close communication with you throughout each engagement, ensuring test systems pass critical milestones before moving forward and are designed to meet the critical needs of your final components or products and your manufacturing process.


Leadership Team

What to expect when we partner on your project

At Ball Systems, we value honesty, excellence, and transparency. We operate a tight-knit environment, with upper management involved in each project to ensure consistency and quality at every level. We have a 50-year history in the test engineering market, and our expertise is supported by decades of momentum. We communicate openly, and understand that accurate systems, managed timelines, wise use of budgets, and informed processes are critical – to your final systems, to the mutual relationship between our companies, and to our longevity as a business.

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