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Custom Engineering

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Nimble in Process. Exact in Specification.

We have decades of extensive engineering and design experience to resolve your most perplexing technical issues. While solving complex technical challenges for our customers is a Ball Systems specialty, we also pay attention to ensuring that our solutions and designs exceed client expectations by being timely and cost effective. We work hard to make sure our solutions are easy to maintain and easy to operate for our customers.

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Customer Focused. Meaningful Results.

Our in-house technical staff of designers, programmers, engineers and innovators, have backgrounds including:

  • Product design
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Industrial engineering

Our teams develop, build, and install custom and innovative solutions for our customers worldwide.

Custom Engineering Capabilities:

Electrical Design

  • System and architecture design
  • Electrical requirements definition and gathering
  • Electronic circuit design (Altium, Orcad, Cadence, Multisim, Mentor Graphics)
  • Electronic circuit simulation ( Altium, ModelSIM, Multisim)
  • PCB design (analog, digital, mixed-signal, high speed, power, etc.)
  • PCB layout (Altium, Orcad, Cadence, Ultiboard, Mentor Graphics)
  • Prototype and production PCB assembly
  • Electronic testing and design verification
  • FPGA, CPLD, DSP, microcontroller design & programming
  • Video and audio processing
  • Analog design
  • Signal conditioning and processing
  • Proprietary communication interfaces
  • Battery powered and portable devices (battery charging & management)
  • Sensors and controllers (including touch-screen display)
  • High speed digital buses (SPI, I2C, PXI, PCI, PCIe, cPCI, cPCIe, Memory, etc.)
  • Power supply design (including switching power supply design)
  • Inductor design – toroid, E-core, U-core

Mechanical Design

  • System and architecture design
  • Mechanical requirements
  • 3D CAD design (AutoCAD Inventor)
  • 3D part modeling
  • Part and assembly documentation
  • Mechanical prototyping and production
  • Enclosure design
  • Material selection
  • Test fixture design
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Strain analysis
  • Ergonomics and industrial design

Systems Engineering

  • Turnkey multidisciplinary architecture and system design
  • Requirements documentation and management
  • Product development
  • Prototyping and early run production
  • Feasibility studies

Design. Build. Deliver.

The cross-disciplinary strengths of our technical teams at Ball Systems can assist with your most challenging design, production, and test problems from concept to design, to rapid prototyping, and through to production. We are a fully integrated service provider.

We focus on our customers engineering needs. Our designs often include user controls, instrumentation, software, and electronics to interface with the user or the product’s environment. Many projects require intelligent and interactive features such as graphical displays, control panels, touch-screens, sound devices, signal processing equipment, etc., and can be customized to significantly improve a design’s functionality and user acceptance. Our mission is to create optimal solutions for our customers that are innovative, efficient, cost-effective, and delivered on time.

Contact us today to let us help you with your custom engineering needs.

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Project Gallery

Custom wired Virginia Panel (VPC) Interchangable Test Adapter (ITA), this project is custom-designed and wired to provide test interconnect.

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Pneumatically actuated, custom-designed probe block for testing high-current engine control module for hybrid technology vehicle.

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UPS Cabinet, Rear View

HIL Fuel Injector Measurement System for ECU Tester.

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HIL Fuel Injector Measurement System for ECU Tester

Custom designed, low profile NI PXI test console, including custom backplane, card cage, and custom test cards.

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NI PXI Test Platform with Custom Card Cage

Custom designed PXI Test Console, including NI Chassis and VPC Interconnect.

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NI PXI Tester with VPC Interface

Test control boxes for major computer OEM server test environment with custom board design and production.

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MRBS Power Cycling Boxes

Design and production of high-volume PCAs used in server test environment.

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MRBS Power Cycle Control Boards

Custom wired and designed Virginia Panel (VPC) Interchangable Test Adapter to provide test interconnect.

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 Interchangeable Test Adapter (ITA)

Pneumatically actuated, custom designed probe block for testing high-current engine control module for hybrid technology vehicle.

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High-Current Custom Probe Block

EEPROM verification fixture, including custom mechanical and electrical design and automation.

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 EEPROM Verification Fixture

Custom designed test equipment cable harness, including VPC iCon series quick disconnect and product connectors.

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Custom iCon Cable Harness

High density custom backplane design and fabrication.

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Custom Connector Backplane

Custom dishwasher end-of-line audit system.

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other systems project example

Custom probe blocks and interface circuitry for burn-in cart fixtures.

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Burn-in Cart Fixture

Automation system control panel and enclosure.

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APM Handler Control Panel

Custom test cable harness for portable automotive audio system tester.

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 Automotive Audio Cable Harnesses for Suitcase Tester

Portable suitcase tester for automotive audio systems that is designed to emulate production functional test environment.

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Automotive Custom Suitcase Tester

1U 19-inch power cycling box.

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1U 19-inch Power Cycling Box

Custom test station for hybrid technology engine control modules that meets high voltage, high power, and automation requirements.

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 Automated PLC Controlled APM Handler

Pneumatically controlled conditioning nest for engine control module that is custom mechanical, electrical, and firmware design.

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 DC-MF39131 Conditioning Nest

Custom designed mechanical test stand for hydraulic door closer with a custom software interface with PLC control.

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Test cabinet houses 32 “conditioning nests” in cell manufacturing environment.

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 Multi-unit Rotating Cabinet with Lift

Custom designed engine module tester interface, including custom probe interface, and ergonomic mechanical actuation.

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KPA900 Programmer Software.

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KPA900 Programmer Software

Custom designed control box for a medical research lab device with precision motion control and vision integration.

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Prosolia Control Box

Turnkey contract manufacturing for major railyard and locomotive engineering company.

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Wireless Rail Yard Track Switching Control Box

Custom designed communication board and molded housing that incorporates custom firmware design.

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Hydra Comm Boards

Toroidal inductors designed to application, and manufactured in-house.

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Turnkey alternator tester.

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Desktop hardware-in-the-loop test system.

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Desktop hardware-in-the-loop test system

19” rack-mountable programmable custom load box.

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19” rack-mountable programmable custom load box

Custom designed portable test box to emulate factory test in self-contained platform that includes custom firmware, FPGA, etc.

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Custom designed portable test box to emulate factory test in self-contained platform that includes custom firmware, FPGA, etc.

Manufacturing End-Of-Line Gear-Motor Performance Tester.

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Custom designed NI PXI test console, including custom backplane, card cage, and custom test cards.

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Custom designed NI PXI test console
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