Our Culture

Our culture is what guides us to succeed with our customers.

Family-Oriented Culture

culture.jpgWe are a company that treats our team members as family. We move quickly, work hard, and take great care of our team and customers. We value honesty, excellence, and transparency. We know that every company has a culture and that it defines how they work with their customers.

Our hope is that our culture is so prevalent in our everyday work, that our customers notice how truly unique we are. We want to be your partner for your engineering challenges. 

Fast Facts:

  • Privately owned firm with tenured engineers that is mission and values driven
  • Strong internal processes around resource management and communication
  • Team players and high expectations of our teams
  • Flywheel principle– 50 years of experience and momentum in creating excellent technical solutions


How do we do what we do?

We operate a tight-knit environment, with upper management involved in each project to ensure consistency and quality at every level. We have a 50-year history in the test market, and our expertise is reinforced by decades of momentum. We communicate openly, and understand that accurate systems, managed timelines, wise use of budgets, and informed processes are critical – not only to the growth of our business but the success of our customer relationships.