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Company Value: Flywheel Principle

On Jun 11, 2018

At Ball Systems, we believe that our values are critical to our own success, as well as our ability to effectively serve our customers. Each month during our all-hands company meeting we discuss two or three of our core values to help keep them top of mind for our team members. This week I want to focus on our “Flywheel Principle” value, what it means to us as a company and how it positively impacts our customers.

What this means to us: Focused intensity, over time, produces unstoppable results. It takes time and consistent effort to get the flywheel moving, but once it is in motion, it takes much less effort to keep it in motion. We will be consistent, and persistent in our approach. We won’t accomplish anything with quick new-year’s resolutions that we don’t follow-through on. No fad diets. No sudden start/stops. We will execute consistently, paying attention to the details, and we will stay the course. No matter how many times you read The Tortoise and The Hare, the tortoise ALWAYS wins.

What this means to our customers: Ball Systems is consistent and steadfast in who we are…something that hasn’t changed in more than 50 years of business. While we must stay abreast of the latest technologies and industrial trends, our approach to our work is consistent and steadfast. We don’t bend to the latest fads and thus, we provide reliable, consistent, and predictable service to our customers. You can rely on us being there with the same quality processes and services as time goes by.

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