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Pat turley

President and Co-Owner

Pat is a co-owner and serves as the president of Ball Systems. He graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and is responsible for the executive and strategic leadership of the company. His primary areas of focus include executive management of the engineering, sales, marketing, and process automation functions within Ball Systems. 

Professional Life

After graduating from Purdue University, Pat began his career as a test engineer with Compaq Computers in Houston, TX. His managers quickly realized he was a much better manager than engineer, so he was promoted to department manager after 18 months and has been a manager ever since. In addition to running the test engineering department responsible for all testing of laptop computer products, Pat also held positions in new product introduction (NPI) and operations management. His career then took a serendipitous left turn when he moved into a corporate development role charted with minority equity investments and strategic partnerships for Compaq. That role later transitioned into a corporate strategy role working for the executive staff and board of directors for Compaq and eventually for HP.

“I truly believe that the breadth of experiences at Compaq provided the confidence to tackle a business purchase and the skills needed to manage a growing technology team.”

Pat and Andy purchased Ball Systems in 2006 and never looked back. The first thing on the to-do list for Pat and Andy was an aggressive push in diversifying and expanding Ball Systems' customer base, market segmentation and geographical footprint. That push for diversification saw great success, growing the company an average of over 20% per year.

Personal Life

Pat grew up as a military brat, traveling frequently as his father was transferred repeatedly during his Army career. In total, he lived in 28 different houses, apartments and dorm rooms by the time he graduated college.

“People ask me if it was hard moving all the time, but honestly it was the only life I knew, so it was just what was next, Pat said. “I think the moving has made me both resilient and adaptable to new situations.”

“Stacy, my beautiful wife of more than 25 years, and I purchased a small lake house in 2017 as our primary residence after we finally got the kids out of the house.”

Pat and Stacy enjoy being outside on the deck, down by the water, and out on their boat. Their German Shorthaired Pointer, Grizzly provides plenty of energy and needs lots of attention. Pat also still plays basketball at 5:00 a.m. three days a week, and they are Purdue Basketball season ticket holders (Boiler Up!). Pat and Stacy enjoy visiting their kids in Boston and Southern Illinois, golfing occasionally, and hunting deer and turkey at the family farm in southern Indiana.