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Ball Systems Putt-Putt & Lunch Outing at Birdies in Westfield, IN

Ball Systems staff attended Birdies in Westfield, IN for a work sponsored miniature golf and lunch outing. We split into five teams of 3 players each and went head-to-head on an 18-hole round of mini golf. At the end of the game, individual scores.

The Importance of Being Flexible with your Customers

The Importance of Being Flexible

I will never forget the childhood scars of my mom signing me up for gymnastics. While it lasted less than a year, I could not have felt more out of my comfort zone. Somehow the rest of the 6-year-olds could swing on.

T-shirt Tuesday at Ball Systems

On Sept 21, 2021 we had our first T-shirt Tuesday! The theme was funny shirts. We had members from the production, design, administration, and management teams all participate. Even the president who was off-site that day was able to wear a funny.

Ensuring Supply Chain Strength With New Suppliers

No matter the industry you are in, selecting the right suppliers can make or break your business. Choosing suppliers that best fit your needs involves much more than just reaching out for quotes and going with the most inexpensive option. To.

The Benefits of Onboarding and Continuous Training

What is Onboard Training
Onboarding is the formal process of integrating new employees into your company by making them feel welcomed and introducing them to the company culture, processes and team(s) they will be working with. 
Importance of.

Why Leveraging Build-To-Print During NPI Can Benefit Your Organization

During the new product introduction (NPI) process, the ability to quickly and effectively replicate test systems is essential for product manufacturers to capitalize on market opportunities. Leveraging a build-to-print partner during this process.

An Object-Oriented LabVIEW Test Sequence Automation Framework Using DQMH and GDS

The goal of the object-oriented test sequence framework design is to establish a modular reusable structure that allows creation, editing, and execution of a test sequence composed of plug-in objects. Test sequences are used in almost all automated.

A Quality Culture Leads to Quality Products

At Ball Systems, quality is one of our top priorities. We strive to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s standards in all aspects, but quality stands out. From correct wiring all the way down to label orientation, we don’t overlook any seemingly.

Importance of Equipment Calibration

What is Calibration?Calibration is the process of comparing measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a standard of known accuracy. Largely, calibration also includes the process of adjusting the output delivered by the.

Multithreaded Sequences Using DQMH

Multithreading is used to allow parallel processes to execute simultaneously, and independently. This is valuable in a wide range of scenarios, and certainly in testing scenarios where multiple actions must be made in sync or in the least.

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