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Why is functional testing an essential process for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)?

Near the end of the manufacturing line, a pass/fail test is critical to test the production quality of your printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). Before you’re ready to ship, a functional test should be run to verify the functionality and test the.

Looking back on Deflategate: Our test system shows the difference in Tom Brady’s footballs

Four years after the Deflategate controversy, the Patriots will compete for yet another title in Super Bowl LIII. The Tom Brady-led team’s return to the big game for the third time since the scandal leaked has us reminiscing on the event. After all,.

3 keys to efficient new product failure analysis

In the test environment, your ability to find product failures and make necessary improvements efficiently is paramount. The quicker the feedback loop, the faster appropriate action is taken, which in turn, speeds up the product development process.

Why you want a test solution that combines both commercial off-the-shelf and custom design

When planning out projects with our customers in the quoting process, we walk through a variety of considerations to determine find the best fit for their unique needs. But rather than require one or the other, we often find the best approach for a.

Company Value: No Gossip

It’s easy for leaders to dismiss gossip in the workplace. Chatter around the office is impossible to control and offhand comments from employees can often seem like simply venting. I think we even avoid calling all gossip by its name. I like the way.

Are you asking your test integration partner this question?

When you need to complete a project now, you’re focused on earning immediate results: get the right price and ensure quality work on time. As you receive quotes and vet prospective vendors, you’re unlikely to be thinking about your test engineering.

Christmas Week 2018 at Ball Systems!

It’s the Holiday Season - a wonderful time to celebrate the year, showcase your spirit and spend a little more time cherishing your fellow co-workers. At Ball Systems, we take the opportunity to enjoy all of that and a whole lot more.

Company Value: Flexibility

We look at every project like it’s a process. We see every customer interaction as a relationship. In our business, preparation is essential, but flexibility is often needed as well. As a result, we conduct extensive planning efforts on the front.

Our 2 Most Important Continuous Improvements

As a tech company, we are constantly seeking out new or improved ways to increase our processes to deliver quality test equipment to our customers as quickly as possible. Below are the two most important continuous improvements we focus on as an.

Creating Test Stations for New Technology in the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Industry

The hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) market has grown due to increased consumer demand, fuel efficiency improvements, environmental impact, and stricter vehicle emission policies worldwide. There are several different HEV architectures. The different.

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