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Ball Systems Putt-Putt & Lunch Outing at Birdies in Westfield, IN

Ball Systems staff attended Birdies in Westfield, IN for a work sponsored miniature golf and lunch outing. We split into five teams of 3 players each and went head-to-head on an 18-hole round of mini golf. At the end of the game, individual scores.

T-shirt Tuesday at Ball Systems

On Sept 21, 2021 we had our first T-shirt Tuesday! The theme was funny shirts. We had members from the production, design, administration, and management teams all participate. Even the president who was off-site that day was able to wear a funny.

The Benefits of Onboarding and Continuous Training

What is Onboard Training
Onboarding is the formal process of integrating new employees into your company by making them feel welcomed and introducing them to the company culture, processes and team(s) they will be working with. 
Importance of.

Halloween 2019 At Ball Systems

Ball Systems Halloween Day Costume Contest

Christmas Week 2018 At Ball Systems!

It’s the Holiday Season - a wonderful time to celebrate the year, showcase your spirit and spend a little more time cherishing your fellow co-workers. At Ball Systems, we take the opportunity to enjoy all of that and a whole lot more.

Company Value: Flexibility

We look at every project like it’s a process. We see every customer interaction as a relationship. In our business, preparation is essential, but flexibility is often needed as well. As a result, we conduct extensive planning efforts on the front.

Our 2 Most Important Continuous Improvements

As a tech company, we are constantly seeking out new or improved ways to increase our processes to deliver quality test equipment to our customers as quickly as possible. Below are the two most important continuous improvements we focus on as an.

4 Concepts I Learned In School That Carried Over To My Internship

Every student often wonders “will I ever use this information again?” while sitting in their college classes. After being in that position for years and landing my first internship, I can assure you that it all comes back in the real world. Here are.

Company Value: Marketplace Service

At Ball Systems, we believe that our values are critical to our own success, as well as our ability to effectively serve our customers. Each month during our all-hands company meeting we discuss two or three of our core values to help keep them top.

The Tradition Of The Sparky Award

The normal work week is focused on accomplishing the most important action items. At the end of the day there needs to be something employees can look back on as a memory that stands out from the normal day. At Ball Systems we use the Sparky Award.

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