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Company Value: Flexibility

On Dec 21, 2018

We look at every project like it’s a process. We see every customer interaction as a relationship. In our business, preparation is essential, but flexibility is often needed as well. As a result, we conduct extensive planning efforts on the front end of a project to clearly define the scope of work before it starts. We investigate each task thoroughly, quote accurately and build timelines carefully so we’re certain we can deliver quality results on time. Meanwhile, we’re equally aware that projects can change and new needs may arise for our customers. In fact, we plan for that too.

It’s why one of our company core values is flexibility. And we’ve designed Ball Systems to match this ideal. We felt that being flexible meant having the right mentality when approaching customers and building a business structure to back up our word. Over the years, we’ve set up the company to be able to work with several different organizations and meet a variety of needs. So how do you build a flexible organization? We focused on adding the necessary experience, staying versatile in our skill set, having the capability our customers need and being accountable in our work.

Here’s how we did it.

Experience and Versatility

It starts with talent. Our commitment to flexibility meant hiring a team with a variety of different backgrounds. Ball Systems brought in a versatile group of engineers that had worked in manufacturing - both corporate and private - and process engineering at Fortune 1000 companies. We developed a cross-disciplined team that could handle a broad set of projects - software-only, hardware design-only, purely mechanical, electrical and mechanical, design and build, and build-to-print – so we could skillfully meet those businesses’ needs.

We wanted engineers with experience around the entire product life cycle, so it was possible to execute the tactics of detailed test requirements while also being able to develop cross-enterprise strategies. We brought on experts with backgrounds spanning product modeling and prototyping, product development, validation, manufacturing test, and out to field service solutions.

Ball Systems has been in business for more than 50 years. Being around for decades has allowed us to employ and retain long-term employees with deep technical skill sets. As a result, our team includes production technicians that can adapt to a broad set of mechanical problems or electrical challenges that may arise in projects.


When you have that kind of depth of talent and breadth of experience, it’s much easier to show empathy for your customers. Our engineers have spent the night on the manufacturing floor. They’ve been in our customers’ shoes, held similar or identical roles and solved some of the same problems.


Sometimes, our ability to be flexible has simply come down to owning enough space. Our large production floor enables us to accommodate multiple large systems simultaneously.

Our production work space has been designed for flexibility including readily reconfigurable workstations, integration areas, and assembly equipment.


We made sure we were able to address a customer’s need in-house if necessary, so we could be completely accountable for a project’s success. Maintaining that control over the entire process allows our customers to feel comfortable that when a problem comes up, we can handle it quickly and capably.

The right mentality

Whether it’s dealing with our customers, suppliers, or each other in the office, we know it’s essential to be patient and understanding in our work. Our business environment requires it. We want to be able to provide great work and be great to work with. That makes us more valuable to our customers.

Our core purpose is to simplify the lives of the engineers we serve. By conducting ourselves with the mentality that “the customer is always right,” our clients to worry less and get more done. When a customer realizes a change of course is needed on a project in production, we want them to feel confident that we’re prepared to work hard and make reasonable compromises in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

That approach has also helped us work most effectively with each other. We define “customers” as both internal and external stakeholders, so our teammates don’t get taken for granted as we work to please the companies we work with.

By valuing flexibility, we’ve built up greater trust among our group. Our company outlook keeps the greater good in mind, so we expect the same in employees. A few small adjustments in the short-term in your daily work can pave the way for greater success in the end.

If service matters to your business and you’re ready to find a solution provider that’s prepared to be flexible with your needs, let us know. Our values and approach to our work can translate into your business success.

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