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joe MIKO

Business Development Manager

Joe has a degree in business from Eastern Michigan University and is based in the Detroit, MI area. He is in a position for Ball Systems which is responsible for new business development and sales for the upper mid-west region of the US. Joe believes that it’s an exciting position because he can use his 20 years automotive related commercial experience in this same region to independently navigate Ball Systems towards new opportunities and potential growth areas. Joe said that he believes in what we do here at Ball Systems and that it resonates with our core target customers and they appreciate not only our competence and long standing 50 years’ experience in this area, but also the strict adherence to straightforward and honest business values that go along with everything we do.

Joe loves history and is a true believer that understanding the past is needed to guide us through the challenges of today. And that passion takes him in several directions. Currently, he is restoring a 1943 Ford GPW jeep, and is very proud to show pictures and to boast about the project. Feel free to ask him any questions about it, but fair warning – he says you might get an ear full in return. Joe also enjoys sports and as a native Clevelander he even admits being a lifelong Browns fan. Now if that’s not loyalty……we aren’t sure what is! In his spare time, Joe really enjoys taking hikes in the beautiful MI State and National Parks with his wife, Tanya, and two dogs, Gunther and Gretel. Their youngest, (Gunther) is in the process of becoming a veteran’s service dog.