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5 Key Benefits Of Leveraging Common Platforms To Increase Standardization

On Jan 21, 2020

Within any organization, test groups can specialize in developing test approaches for their unique phase of the product development process. As a result, test managers are rarely tasked to consider how to optimize testing strategies across multiple areas. Different engineering groups involved in the product development life cycle must grapple with many similar questions regarding test and validation strategies.

As companies grow, organizational complexity can also increase, and new test needs may arise. As a result, the ability to effectively scale testing and maintain consistency across the product development cycle becomes increasingly difficult. To help, here are five key benefits of leveraging common platforms to increase standardization across your product development cycle to optimize effectiveness across functional boundaries.

1. Increase Testing Efficiencies Across the Product Development Cycle

There is an incredible amount of redundancy of effort from department to department, such as selection of test equipment, creation of test approaches for new functions, creation of test fixturing, and more.

2. Optimize Testing within the Product Development Cycle

Develop a plan that enables a higher degree of closed-loop feedback, coordinates strategy, increases test coverage, and eliminates of redundant efforts

3. Effectively Utilize Your Team(s)

Train your team to share common platforms so they are more nimble and flexible, allowing redeployment of resources as business needs change.

4. Minimize Downstream Failures and Rework

Reduce your product boneyard, while simultaneously minimizing the extremely high costs of downstream failures and rework.

5. Build-In Team Collaboration to Gain Consistency

Make sure your engineers and test managers share best practices within the company and increase education.

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The cumulative benefit of all the above features help drive a better, more collaborative culture in your organization and improves the bottom line by decreasing your time to market through every product lifecycle.

Download our latest white paper, Leveraging Common Test Platforms Across The Product Lifecycle, to learn more on using common test platforms to optimize testing strategies across multiple areas. In this white paper you'll learn:

  • Why organizations benefit from leveraging common platforms
  • How to standardize on common platforms
  • The obstacles business leaders face to implementation

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