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Efficient and scalable solutions.


At the core of Ball Systems’ company is an incredibly deep and talented pool of computer engineers, system engineers, and software engineers who bring a wealth of software development experience to your technological application. Our programmers have been trained and certified on numerous platforms and are gifted in determining the optimal platform strategy for your project.

Team with Certified Software Architects and Developers.

Combined with our team of electronic design and test engineers, our programmers are able to seamlessly navigate between “pure” software projects and integrated hardware/software projects with exceptional effectiveness and project management.

Though we pride ourselves on solving the most challenging technical problems, we also excel in providing solutions that are elegant, efficient and client focused. We will customize our approach to your specific needs, be it memory efficiency, speed of execution, elegant user interfaces, or reliability parameters. Our definition of success is providing customers with their optimally defined solution.

Optimal | Scalable

A key feature to Ball Systems’ service offerings is meeting your current requirements while also making provisions for future modifications. We ensure that your project is well architected using scalable software, exceptionally coded, well managed, and clearly documented and communicated throughout—ultimately simplifying your project involvement for today and tomorrow!

Software Capabilities:

  • NI Certified Architects (CLAs) and Certified Developers (CLDs)
    • National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner
  • NI’s full suite of software programs for test and measurment, e.g. LabVIEW, TestStand, VeriStand, LabVIEW FPGA, DIAdem, RF Test, LabWindows CVi, etc.
  • Driver development including PCI, PCIe, I2C, SPI, SCI, Flash drivers, etc.
  • Communications sub-systems (CAN, FlexRay, various ARINC, Mission Systems Ethernet, MIL-STD, serial, EtherCAT, proprietary, others)
  • Custom software development. Languages including:
    • Assembly languages
    • C, C++, C#
    • Visual Basic (VB)
    • Java
    • Python
    • PICs and other programmable logic
    • VHDL
  • Graphic user and human to machine interfaces (GUI & HMI)
  • Software and hardware modeling and model integration
  • Database management and integration
  • Windows and custom PC applications
  • Intelligent I/O sub-systems
  • Communications control and PLC
  • System and architecture design
  • Software requirements
  • Microcontroller software
  • DSP software
  • RF software
  • Systems engineering
    • Feasibility studies
    • Requirements documentation
    • Requirements management
  • Product development
  • RTOS (ThreadX)
  • File systems (FileX)
  • Schedulers (Nemos)





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Deep Technically | Sound Fiscally

As deep as Ball Systems’ team is technically, where our software development team shines is on your bottom line. Our software programmers and project managers have the experience to choose the right path the first time, the excellence to code it efficiently, and the priority alignment to make sure controls are kept on expenditures. Coupled with extensive utilization of programming standards and top-to-bottom project management processes, we deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and with high reliability.

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Featured Projects

Proprietary On-Aircraft Data System Bus Analyzer

f-soft-Proprietary-On-Aircraft-Data-System-Bus-AnalyzerHandheld, portable proprietary communications bus test system.

Customer required a handheld device for engineers and technicians to interrogate and test on-aircraft proprietary high-speed deterministic data acquisition and communications system.

System designed based upon NI’s sbRIO platform, and includes LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, VHDL FPGA, and custom LCD GUI programming.

Boeing Intellibus ATE

f-soft-boeing-intellibus-ATEIntellibus ATE is a highly configurable platform for testing IntelliBus Interface Modules. Using the BallTest™ framework, our customer is able to quickly and dynamically test these electronic modules. The ATE application is used to test at several levels, including sub-component verification, post-production verification as well as reliability/growth testing within environmental chambers.


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APIs and Abstraction Layers: Upgrading Without Breaking Existing Test Processes


Through API’s and Abstraction Layers, refactored an existing test HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) platform to leverage a more-powerful COTS (Commercial Off the shelf), HIL test engine (NI VeriStand).

  • Improved loop rate from 20 msec to 5 msec
  • NI VeriStand reduced model time steps from 20 msec down to 5 msec, and even 1 msec in some cases.
  • Parallel model execution
  • COTS solution

Instrument Oriented Design – BallTestTM Sequencer

f-soft-BallTest-sequencerBallTest™ is an “Instrument Oriented” stand-alone test executable for use in automated test environments. It provides an automatic mode for running customer-defined test sequences, as well as a manual mode for independently actuating or monitoring system I/O.

BallTest™ also provides the customer with graphical user interfaces for editing test sequences and interfacing with instruments. Ease of configuration and setup is the primary goal.

Hussmann Testing

f-soft-hussman-testingHussman Data Monitor is a data logging, analysis, and viewing package for monitoring long running refrigerator case testing. The software is highly configurable to adapt to all of the customers data monitoring needs. In addition to displaying the data trends over time there is a function that allows the user to load an image of the device under test and place indicators on the picture where each measurement is made and see live updates of the readings right on the image.

KPA900 Programmer Software

f-soft-KPA900-programmer-softwareThe KPA 900 programmer software is designed to interface with the KPA 900 device. The software allows the user to create, save, and load configurations to be used for the ART 2000/2100 weather radar systems and the KRA 405B radar altimeter.



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