overview image modular load unitsA Tier-1 automotive supplier came to Ball Systems needing custom modular load units (MLUs) for their PXI-based ECU testing systems. With the customizable modular load bank design created by Ball Systems, we worked with our customer to create MLUs customized to their specifications. These systems include intricate standardized wiring from internal connectors to one large external connector for both DUT and PXI resource interfacing, and can accommodate both high and low current loads, including custom toroidal inductors designed and produced in-house by Ball Systems engineering and production staffs. 

Front View of modular load units

The in-house assembled PCBs (High current resistive-inductive loads, low current resistive loads, LEMs, and associated signal multiplexing) then are plugged into the standardized internal interconnect system. The MLU is integrated into a PXI test system at the customer’s facility, or into a test system built by Ball Systems. Prior to shipping, Ball Systems technicians run a thorough functional test in our lab to verify the functionality of the relays, toroidal inductors, and load resistors on these PCBs.



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