Manufacturing End-Of-Line Gear-Motor Performance Tester

This tester contains two motor test racks. One is a full load motor test rack and the other is a no load motor test rack.

Both test racks include the following: NIDEC motor tester 1

  • Hipot/ground bond tester
  • Power supply and motor driver for motor
  • NI DAQ/DIO hardware
  • Custom PC
  • Custom LabView software to handle DAQ and control
  • Battery backed UPS for PC
  • Three fixtures, one per type of motor(locomotion, lifter, and turntable)
  • Sub-frame in cabinet to hold interchangeable fixtures
  • Acoustically dampened chamber to isolate motor noise
  • Hardware/software to measure sound levels of motor
  • Headphone jack used to listen to motor
  • Interconnects between fixture and pallet
  • Door interlock
  • Bar code reader
  • E-stop
Full load test rack includes:
  • Dynamometer and associated dyno controller/transducer
  • Agilent Frequency counter used to read duty cycle/phase from wheel encoder

No load test rack includes:
  • Lasers to measure run out/vibration of locomotion motor
  • Proximity sensors to detect lifter arm position

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