R-Theta Test Cabinet

Test Cabinet on a white backgroundThe R-Theta Test Cabinet is an electronic end-of-line tester that drives high-current automotive components. The test equipment is housed in a 72 inch tall, 19-inch rack frame. Software control is performed by an Advantech Fanless Box PC running Windows 10. 400V, 3-phase AC high-voltage power is supplied to the test equipment, and conversion to DC high-current power is performed by the integrated power management equipment.

Ball Systems utilized key partners in the design and build of the R-Theta Test Cabinet. Keysight Technologies power supply mainframe in 1U rack-mount format with integrated programmable power modules are utilized to control the test equipment and exercise the Device Under Test. Keithley Instruments precision programmable current source in rack-mount format are integrated to drive the DUT in real-world use scenarios.

Ball Systems designed a custom heat management system to ensure test equipment durability and reliability under demanding test conditions. The non-forced air cooled solution makes use of heat spreader materials to ensure operator and equipment safety.

Ball Systems employs safety relays and switches in all high-power and safety-critical equipment to ensure safe shutdown of the equipment in Emergency Power Off scenarios and meet applicable regulatory agency requirements. Ultimate destination for the R-Theta Test Cabinet is Blonie, Poland where it will be deployed by a Ball Systems customer-partner in the end-of-line testing of power electronics automotive components.

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