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Anthony Tugman

Test Engineer

Anthony is a test engineer on the design team at Ball Systems. He has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Intelligent Systems Engineering from Indiana University.  As part of our design team, his daily work is focused on transforming customers’ requirements into successful test platforms. By trying to understand each challenge from the customer’s perspective, Anthony knows when to create a novel solution or draw from his past experiences in testing and hardware/software integration.

A fun fact about Anthony is that he was in the first class of engineers at Indiana University. When reflecting on this he says adapting to change and working outside of his comfort zone were two recurring themes that have motivated his work.

In his free time, Anthony loves to work on side projects with his friends that usually involve taking something old and broken and making it useful again. In addition, he likes to explore the foods, drinks and scenery Indianapolis has to offer with his friends and Husky, Nala. You can find him exploring on foot, his bike, or his motorcycle. And to wrap up his week, Anthony hosts a podcast with his friends where they hang out and talk about life. They started this podcast for themselves so they could listen back in the future and have a laugh!