Contract Manufacturing

Build-to-print assembly and low to mid-volume production.


Ball Systems provides a wide array of manufacturing services for custom electronic and mechanical subassemblies, as well as full final product assembly. Our integrated project management, manufacturing processes, and comprehensive MRP systems integrate seamlessly to ensure timely, cost-effective, and high quality service for a variety of customer manufacturing needs.

Need PCA, cable harness, electrical cabinet or panel assembly?

We concentrate in low to mid-volume manufacturing and assembly services as well as rework and remanufacture requirements. Ball Systems provides turnkey design, process, and industrial engineering, component sourcing, and documentation management as required. Our ability to manage change and uncertainty and to quickly adapt to changing requirements, while also supporting low to mid-volume requirements are unparalleled in the industry.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Build-to-print manufacturing
  • Low and medium volume production
  • Rework, remanufacture and repair
  • Testing, validation and verification services
  • Custom and COTS test equipment/cabinet assembly
  • Printed circuit board (PCB, PCA, and CCA) design and assembly
  • Final product and subassembly manufacturing
  • Panel wiring and electrical enclosure fabrication & assembly
  • Custom mechanical manufacturing & assembly
  • Custom and production cable assembly
  • Quick-turn PCBs and custom prototyping
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for test (DFT)
  • Power distribution equipment assembly
  • Component sourcing
  • Traceability
  • Metal fabrication and mechanical assembly
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Manufacturing Alternative

Frequently offshore manufacturing is necessary for mature higher volume products in order to control costs and remain competitive. But taking this step too early, or for the wrong products, can disrupt your efforts to bring a mature product to market quickly and with high quality.

Quick to Market | Quality Maintained

Leveraging an engineering and low or mid-volume manufacturing partner like Ball Systems can save you time and money by helping you develop and manufacture your product until it’s ready to be transitioned to high-volume production. Utilizing a partner of this type can assist you in the early stages of product development where volumes are uneven, engineering is incomplete, and assembly documentation is inconsistent at best.

Ball Systems can help you keep pace with engineering changes on the fly while meeting your low and mid-volume manufacturing needs. Your product will be managed by experienced manufacturing and industrial engineers and built by skilled in-house technicians and/or specialized low or mid-volume processes through this volatile transition period.

From pilot to production!

Once your product has matured, Ball Systems can produce assembly instructions, drawings, procedures, and manufacturing bid packages to ease the transition to lower-cost manufacturing. Our relationships with international contract manufacturers allow us to seamlessly transition your product from our facility to a qualified high volume facility.

Latent design? Defect Realities?

Given the nature of international manufacturing and distribution, it is frequent that a latent design or manufacturing defect is detected in a large batch of production that has already left the original place of manufacture.

Ball Systems excels at working with customers to quickly ascertain the best way to implement a rework and has the flexible manufacturing processes and staff to quickly execute on your plan. Additionally, we assist in remanufacture of reclaimed, off-lease, or other units that need to be upgraded or post-processed prior to reshipping.

Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Design and Build or Build-to-Print

Whether a turnkey custom design to manufacturing or a build-to-print effort, Ball Systems can design your product if required, then seamlessly fulfill orders, and ship direct to your factory, distribution center, or to your customers directly as required to meet demand. Your product will be built with refined processes by skilled technicians who are adept at managing production changes. Quality is guaranteed.

Concurrent Engineering

Ball Systems also excels at updating and optimizing designs for next-generation products while also building to meet current demand. Ball Systems’ designs reduce manufacturing and tooling costs and ease the transition to contract manufacturing.

Rework and Remanufacturing

Ball Systems’ processes, staff, and manufacturing systems have been trained and designed to address the oftentimes fast-moving and uncertain realities of reworks situations. Our team of project engineers are adept at reviewing your requirements and identifying optimal implementation and manufacturing processes to accomplish your needs.

Sourcing and Transition to High-Volume Manufacturing

Not only do we produce documentation necessary for the transition to high-volume manufacturing, but we also help you identify the right manufacturing partner. We have contacts with a number of domestic and international firms to help get you started.

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Partner with Ball Systems for:

  • Build-to-print and build-to-spec
  • Prototypes
  • Design for manufacture (DFM) & Design for test (DFT)
  • Manufacturing planning and program management
  • Testing support: shock and vibration, packaging, etc.
  • Process and assembly instructions
  • Purchased part specification and sourcing
  • Packaging design
  • Detailed bill of materials (BOM)
  • Vendor management
  • Manufacturing bid packages
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Engineering services
  • Manufacturing services
  • Product development expertise

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Featured Projects

Custom Designed Communication Board

f-mfg-communication-board-43Custom designed communication board and molded housing. Incorporates custom firmware design.

Design and low-volume production of custom communications board and molded housing. Project included circuit design, PCB layout, embedded firmware design, and full turnkey manufacturing and programming of PCAs and completed modules.

Turnkey Manufacturing of Railyard Switch Control Box

f-mfg-Wireless-Rail-Yard-Track-Switching-Control-Box-42Turnkey contract manufacturing for major railyard and locomotive engineering company.

Major (Fortune-500) engineering company who provides design and installation of major railyards worldwide required production of a track switch control unit which is deployed in railyards at each track switch location. Unit is wirelessly controlled by yard engineer in central control booth via dedicated 802.11 technology. Customer contracted Ball Systems to provide turnkey production of finished weathertight unit, including all board assembly, panel wiring, and metal fabrication. Unit is ordered in batches of 40-50 pcs.



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Custom Designed Boards for Test Equipment Environment

f-cust-mfg-boards-for-test-equipment-12Design and production of mid-high volume PCAs used in server test environment.

Circuit boards custom designed and manufactured in mid-high volume. Board design utilizes OrCAD schematic capture and PCB layout. Project also involved design of custom 1U 19″ chassis, interconnect, and display boards, as well as custom PIC programming. Test boxes built in batches of one to over 350 units per order and shipped on turnkey basis to contract manufacturers worldwide in support of major computer OEM’s server test environment.

Custom Automotive Cable Harness

f-mfg-custom-cable-harness-22Custom cable harness design and build, including low-mid volume harnesses.

Design and Production of Custom PCBs

f-cust-mfg-custom-PCBS-6Custom designed test circuitry and low-volume production of test cards.

Customer utilizes Ball Systems as a one-stop, fully integrated provider of custom circuit card design and fabrication services. Ball Systems provides turnkey design of custom boards based on either specifications or schematics, and provides custom circuit design, schematic capture, PCB layout, firmware design and coding, custom PC software, LabVIEW programming, and low-volume production.

Proprietary On-Aircraft Data System Bus Analyzer

f-cust-mfg-handheld-proprietaty-communications-bus-test-systemHandheld, portable, proprietary communications bus test system.

Customer required a handheld device for engineers and technicians to interrogate and test on-aircraft proprietary high-speed deterministic data acquisition and communications system.

System designed based on NI’s sbRIO platform, and includes LabVIEW FPGA, VHDL FPGA, custom circuit design, battery monitoring/charging, custom GUI, LCD interface programming, and other custom design.

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Custom Designed and Manufactured Test Control Boxes

f-cust-mfg-test-control-boxes-11Test control boxes for major computer OEM server test environment.

Design and production of mid-high volume control boxes and PCAs used in server test environment.

1U 19″ rack mountable control boxes custom designed and manufactured in mid-high volume. Design utilizes OrCAD schematic capture and PCB layout, and 3D mechanical modeling. Project also involved design of custom 1U 19″ chassis, interconnect, and display boards, as well as custom PIC programming. Test boxes built in batches of one to over 350 units per order and shipped on turnkey basis to contract manufacturers worldwide in support of major computer OEM’s server test environment.

Custom Designed Multi-axis Control Box

f-mfg-control-box-for-medical-research-lab-device-41Custom designed control box for medical/research lab device. Precision motion control and vision integration.

Control box designed for technology startup to provide motion control and vision system integration for mass spectrometer technology system. Project included custom electrical design, schematic capture, packaging design, custom embedded firmware, prototype development, and turnkey production. Device is now provided to the customer as a turnkey manufactured item, and is shipped with their system as part of their final product.

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