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How We Optimize Your Budget And Schedule With Our Team Member’s Strengths

On Jun 27, 2018

Ball Systems produces a diverse set of build to print and design test systems. Each of these products comes with its own unique set of challenges. Our family-oriented environment allows us to match the team member best equipped to handle various technical or build issues.

Whether we are building a cable, a circuit board, or assembling multiple test cabinets, we utilize all the strengths of our production team to best complete the build on or ahead of schedule. When we receive a new order, we carefully examine prints and build notes to determine which of our production team members are most capable to help complete this build. We utilize the specializations our team members have in cabling, panel wiring, circuit board assembly, etc. to navigate the build and determine efficiency saving steps for future builds. Often even on small test systems, we lean on the specializations of our different production team members to build pieces of the system and integrate later. Utilizing our diversity of strength allows us to come together and complete even the most difficult challenges.

Because of the family environment we foster here at Ball Systems, our team members are able to effectively communicate their strengths and allow us to focus on continual improvement. We utilize cross training and leverage the skills of our various engineering and production specialists to help shore up other team members skillsets. Building up the skills of our team allows us to continue to take on and excel at new and difficult challenges presented to us by our customers.

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