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From test strategy through implementation and support.


Ball Systems is a leading provider of comprehensive, high-quality, and timely test solutions to customers worldwide. We specialize in full turnkey automated test systems and software solutions that help customers rapidly launch test.

Creating and implementing test strategies and test solutions to assist customers in meeting their most complex automated testing requirements, Ball Systems addresses the full customer product design and product manufacturing lifecycle.


Test Strategy

Ball Systems provides customers with cross-enterprise analysis and consultation regarding the use and reuse of common tools and platforms, optimizing test coverage, and improving resource utilization and cost efficiencies. This practice translates into reduced test time and cost, while also maximizing test coverage.

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Automated Test Systems

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Ball Systems delivers best-in-class automated testing systems, software programming, integrated manufacturing systems, and industrial engineered solutions.

These former corporate test engineers, quality assurance engineers, industrial engineers, and test managers have decades of experience to assist customers in meeting their automated test challenges by offering:

Product Design and Product Modeling

Complete software modeling and rapid prototyping of product designs. This speeds development and increases confidence of product functionality before investing in hardware fabrication and/or large-scale manufacturing.

Validation Test Systems

Design validation modeling, such as HIL (Hardware-in-the-loop), and validation test systems (test stands, test cells, or other automated test features), for confirmation of final product designs prior to roll-out to manufacturing. Includes high bandwidth data acquisition, logging, SPC monitoring and complex data analysis.

Manufacturing Test Systems

Automated test systems and automated test equipment (ATE) for fast and reliable high-volume manufacturing test solutions. Associated software is developed to capture data and integrate the analysis with existing manufacturing data collection and line control systems. Manufacturing engineering and industrial engineering expertise and principles are applied to ensure efficient product flow and resource utilization.

Quality Audit Systems

Retain or improve the health of your manufacturing production processes through automated test systems and automated test software. Designed with your organization’s and industry standard specifications for establishing effective control, along with full analysis of test escapes.

Field Service Tools and Software

Portable tools and supporting software can be developed to assist field technicians and engineers with failure analysis and assessment. Provision for repair depot defect tracking, analysis, and reporting, can be built-in or added-on for complete test system customization and field support.


Software and Hardware Development

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Clients seeking embedded system design or embedded hardware solutions can rely on Ball Systems’ firmware or software engineering specialists to employ industry leading software tools and the latest hardware technologies such as high-bandwidth PC buses, multicore processors, and FPGAs in compact packages.

As a National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner, Ball Systems boasts one of the deepest test software programming teams in the world with multiple Certified LabVIEW Developers (CLD’s) and Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA’s). Their software developing expertise covers:

services-test-veristandlogo-labview-LV_Logo_Horizontal_4c-colorbkgnd test-diadem-logo test-multisim-logo test-teststand-logotest-cvi-logo
  • National Instruments programming suite: TestStand, VeriStand, LabWindows CVi, LabVIEW FPGA, and others
  • FPGA programming with VHDL
  • Programming embedded systems with C, C++, C#, G#, Python, VB, Visual Studio, Java, .NET, etc.

Our automation, mechanical, and industrial engineers have years of process control and automation, as well as fixturing and machine building experience. Ball Systems’ innovative electrical and mechanical test and control systems utilize scalable software and flexible hardware configurations in order to realize faster test execution while saving in capital equipment, system development, and maintenance costs.

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Project Management

To ensure smooth test system development and deployment, each customer interaction is planned, supervised, and managed by a dedicated project manager who represents a single point of contact and coordinates all facets of the project. Ball Systems’ project management methodology helps guarantee consistent planning, execution, and reporting, for on-time delivery within budget for each project.

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Service and Support

Having designed, integrated and installed systems for Fortune-500 companies in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Central America, Ball Systems backs its test systems with full document creation, operation and maintenance training, along with unrivaled support, including on-site installation and service as needed.

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Featured Projects

Desktop Hardware-In-The-Loop Test System

f-test-Desktop-hardware-in-the-loop-est-system-45Designed for testing of a single ECU in either closed- or open-loop mode. Consists of an NI PXI chassis containing a real-time controller, an NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA module, a fault insertion system consisting of a series of high-current switch modules, two CAN communication cards and an Ethernet module to serve as an EtherCAT master. Analog and digital I/O are implemented via NI c-Series modules in an NI EtherCAT expansion chassis. Readily expanded to enable simultaneous, closed-loop testing of multiple ECUs.

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PXI Test Console with Custom Backplane and Card Cage

f-test-NI-PXI-Test-Platform-with-Custom-Card-Cage-8Custom designed test console based upon NI test platform. Platform designed with integrated industrial PC, programmable Agilent power supplies, APC UPS, and integrated keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Platform design includes custom designed backplane which interfaces other custom designed PCAs to NI chassis. Custom PCAs are application-specific designs and include schematic capture, PCB layout, PIC programming, and fabrication. We have built in excess of 100 pieces of this unit in the past 5 years. Ball Systems is the sole source provider to this unit to our customer, and we ship units to customer locations worldwide. Ball Systems also provides full, turnkey documentation management, and also servers as a central repair depot for system subassemlies. Worldwide facilities can contact Ball Systems to order from a pre-negotiated “pick-list” to configure their unit.


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Custom Probe Blocks and Interface Circuitry for Burn-In Cart Fixtures

f-test-burn-in-cart-fixture-24Custom fixture design, including custom probe interface blocks, custom interface circuitry, and 228-slot cart used in thermal testing of safety deployment modules (air bag controllers). Fixture design allows light-weight (low-mass), and thermally safe fixturing, while providing durable solution for high volume environmental chamber application.

PXI Test Console, Including NI Chassis and VPC Interconnect

f-test-rf-NI-PXI-Tester-with-VPC-Interface-9Custom designed for automotive customer using NI PXI test console, including Virginia Panel (VPC) test interconnect for fixture/ITA mating, programmable Agilent power supplies, and APC UPS in compact cabinet. Design also incorporates safety E-Stop and other associated power wiring. Custom design includes all mechanical design and modeling, all electrical design and wiring, and custom LabVIEW application.

Portable Suitcase Tester for Automotive Audio Systems 

f-test-automotive-audio-electronics-suitcase-tester-27Designed to emulate a production functional test environment. Portable system designed for quality engineers to visit customer facilities, and to assist in quality audits, lot checks, field failure analysis, etc. System supports up to 3 families of audio “head units”, and also associated sub-systems, including CD players, DVD, navigation, XM tuner, premium amplifiers, etc. Full turnkey electrical and mechanical design and fabrication.

Custom Designed Automotive Audio Product Fixture

f-test-RF-K2-Radio-Fixture-15Custom designed test fixture for testing automotive audio products, including floating design to provide self-alignment in automated fixture. Probe block designs created using 3D modeling technologies. Captive test probes mate via highly reliable probe block design that provides mating connector features in robust package cable of sustained performance in high-volume production environment. Tester designed to support production functional testing of automotive audio system product. Includes both digital and RF interfaces and capabilities.

19” Rack-Mountable Programmable Custom Load Box

f-test-modular-load-unit-load-box-38Custom load box used for testing Engine Control Modules (ECMs) for major automotive electronics supplier. Rack-mountable in standard 19″ rack. Custom-designed loads and rabbit-based controller, including custom embedded firmware.

Custom Designed Portable Test Box to Emulate Factory Test in Self-contained Platform.

f-test-cust-portable-assembly-plant-tester-2Automotive electronics customer required a portable test box which could perform a full functional test on-site at their major automotive customer. Unit includes custom firmware, FPGA, etc., and is capable of emulating in-line production functional test in a highly portable package. Unit designed with custom firmware which provides test control and execution, and also provides for data recording and eventual upload to a PC. Project also entailed development of a custom PC application to provide firmware update capability via USB connection as well as extraction of test data.



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