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How Ball Systems Can Help With Old And Outdated Prints

On Mar 13, 2018

It’s 2018, and there is no shortage of new and exciting technologies and opportunities to explore. However, there are a lot of products that haven’t had to update their documentation from when they were originally created 50+ years ago. This technology is still as useful and relevant as when it was created, but half of the components on it are obsolete or made by companies that are no longer in existence. To help avoid complete redesign of an already working technology, you can leverage the Ball Systems team to interpret and help to bring your design back to life.

Dealing with old documentation can be difficult for some companies. Here at Ball Systems, we are equipped with the tools and the experience to tackle even the toughest of documentation challenges.

Obsolete Parts: Old documentation will often be riddled with obsolete parts. In my experience there are rare times when parts have been updated to a new internal part number by their OEM. Most often however, the parts called out haven’t been made for a significant amount of time or the manufacturer ceases to exist. In cases like this, we at Ball Systems can offer our services to seek out suitable crosses to ensure everything will work as intended.

In cases where all the parts called out utilize an internal part number as opposed to a manufacturer’s part number, we can dig through old documentation to realize the parts that are meant for the design.

Outdated Prints: With new computer aided drafting programs prints look clean and complete, but often old prints will be hand written with illegible notes and call outs. We have a team of skilled technicians and engineers that can interpret prints like these to build these designs. Ball Systems can aid in updating the outdated prints with new notes and callouts, or you can leverage our design team to completely revamp your prints.

Contact us at (317) 804-2330 if you need help with obsolete parts or outdated prints.

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