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Preparing To Develop A Rotating Electrics Test System

When you need a test system designed for your rotating electrics device, the beginning steps of the process are often some of the most critical. Without the right designs, concepts and plans developed early on, the probability of delays or errors.

7 Essential Attributes Of The Fixturing And Environmental Control System In Rotating Electric Testing

Once you’ve finished the preparation stage of an electrification test system, it’s time to further determine how you are going to handle your device under test (DUT). Here are the essential attributes to consider in a test system:

3 Keys To Efficient New Product Failure Analysis

In the test environment, your ability to find product failures and make necessary improvements efficiently is paramount. The quicker the feedback loop, the faster appropriate action is taken, which in turn, speeds up the product development process.

Creating Test Stations For New Technology In The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Industry

The hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) market has grown due to increased consumer demand, fuel efficiency improvements, environmental impact, and stricter vehicle emission policies worldwide. There are several different HEV architectures. The different.

How Our Team Created A Custom Alternator Tester Using NI Software

A multi-national, automotive supplier required design and development of a new heavy and light-duty alternator tester. The tester needed to have a scalable and adaptable architecture that would enable testing of more than 125 Device Under Test (DUT).

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