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A Company of Service

On Feb 21, 2018

I just started at Ball Systems in October 2017, so I’m still fairly new to this company. It’s important to know that when I started looking for jobs, I wasn’t somebody who applied everywhere I saw an opportunity. I wanted specific things out of a company – and I loved the potential I saw here.

That potential I saw quickly grew into reality. Our company’s motto is “Simplifying the Lives of the Engineers We Serve”, but it doesn’t just stop at a trite motto. It’s how we choose to do business. In a for-profit world and company, it’s few and far between that actually try to go the extra mile in service; I think that’s what makes Ball Systems unique. I’ve seen this lived out in a variety of ways, but I’ll list a few of the ones that stick out in my mind below.

  • Expedites. The extra miles that this company goes to meets a customer’s needs is extraordinary. I’ve been on the receiving end of more than one order that needs to get in and out of our doors in less than a week. We do it, and we do it well. Whether that means working extra hours or re-prioritizing our days, the customer always comes first.
  • Convenience. We strive to make the lives of our customer’s easy. We’ve had customers come into our shop to functionally test their equipment, removing one step from the process of needing to ship it to them before it reaches the end destination. We try to do everything possible to simplify the process between us and you.
  • Communication. I work on project management, and I’ve quickly learned that communication is a top priority of this company. We are up front and honest about where we are with projects and work to keep our customers up to date. It seems like it’s an easy step, but it’s one that I’ve seen frequently missed at other places.
  • Internal. All our actions must have their root somewhere, and for Ball Systems those roots are right here in the building. We choose to not only serve our customers, but each other. Since I’ve started, I’ve had multiple coworkers that were willing to stay late for me on a day that I couldn’t or help with the workload while I’ve been gone. We work, eat, and laugh with each other both inside and outside the office.

We have a passion for serving at Ball Systems. We’ve found that a business works best when has a relationship with its customers. We love working both with and for people, and that’s quickly evident in the way we do business. Ball Systems really is a family company, and that dynamic can completely shift a job.

If you are interested in working with us on your next project, contact us at (317) 804-2330.

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