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Health And Safety Policy Update: Bettering Ball Systems For Our Employees And Customers

On Jul 20, 2018

Ball Systems cares about the health and well-being of its employees that work here every day, and the customers that visit our headquarters. We recently teamed up with the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) to ensure we were following the best practices for workplace safety.

We are electronic test equipment specialists, not health and safety experts, so when we decided to look at our health and safety policies we decided to partner with IOSHA. Their team sent 2 of their experts to visit Ball Systems facility to review our current Health and Safety policy. They also took a tour around our building to look for any potential hazards that could result in fines if we ever received an actual OSHA inspection.

Overall, they stated that Ball Systems had a good health and safety foundation in place. However, they did point out a few areas where we needed improvement. Because we called them in asking for help their findings from this visit would not be reported to OSHA if we addressed them in a timely manner.

  • One thing they pointed out was the lack of a Hazardous Communication Program. However, one of the great things about bringing IOSHA in was that they were able to provide a template for this that covered all the basics. All we had to do was fill in the appropriate blanks and remove any sections that were not applicable to us. Once that was complete we will hold a training session and bring our entire team up to speed.
  • The IOSHA auditors were able verify that we had adequate safety measures in place throughout the shop. An example of one thing that they did point out was a missing exit sign above one doorway. Working in the shop every day we know where all the exits are, so it is easy to overlook something like this. It was great to have an outside expert give the building a critical look so that we can ensure any visitors will be just as safe if anything ever happened.

Overall, it was a huge success. We were able to keep our primary focus on what we do best while leaning on the experts from the IOSHA team to improve our workplace. Our customers can take comfort in the fact that Ball Systems is a company dedicated to the health and safety of its employees. This same thought and dedication to safety is put into every system we build.

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