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Company Value: Question Behind The Question

On Apr 30, 2018

At Ball Systems, we believe that our values are critical to our own success, as well as our ability to effectively serve our customers. Each month during our all-hands company meeting we discuss two or three of our core values to help keep them top of mind for our team members. This week I want to focus on our “Question Behind the Question” value, what it means to us as a company and how it positively impacts our customers.

What this means to us: We take responsibility for who we are and what we do (or don’t do). We don’t accept victim mentality, and when things aren’t going right, we figure out what we can do about it rather than complaining about why someone else isn’t taking care of it. “I am responsible….no one else is.” We ask these questions constantly - What can I do? How can I help?

What this means to our customers: You can expect that we will take responsibility when something doesn’t go right or if we make a mistake. Our culture is one of asking how we can help each other internally, and also how we can help our customers. We are proactive in anticipating needs and resolving issues. We are never victims.

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