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Company Value: Righteous Living

On Nov 27, 2017

At Ball Systems, we believe that our values are critical to our own success, as well as our ability to effectively serve our customers. Each month during our all-hands company meeting we discuss two or three of our core values to help keep them top of mind for our team members. This week I want to focus on our “Righteous Living” value, what it means to us as a company and how it positively impacts our customers.

What this means to us: We believe that character matters…in all areas. We are truthful and not deceitful. We honor one another, our customers, and our suppliers by being honest in our dealings with one another. We recognize that who we are at work, and in our personal lives are not separable, and one reflects on the other. We will live lives that our mothers would be proud of.

What this means to our customers: You can expect transparent and fair interactions. We hire for integrity and we intend to operate that way as a company. This means that we strive to do what’s right, even when it is uncomfortable. You can also expect to be treated with respect and with no hidden agendas. We desire long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and believe that operating with truth, honor, and character is the foundation of those relationships.

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