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Company Value: Respect

On Jan 22, 2018

At Ball Systems, we believe that our values are critical to our own success, as well as our ability to effectively serve our customers. Each month during our all-hands company meeting we discuss two or three of our core values to help keep them top of mind for our team members. This week I want to focus on our “Respect” value, what it means to us as a company and how it positively impacts our customers.

What this means to us: We will respect each other’s value, differences, and contributions. For our customers, our team, ourselves, our vendors, our community. Our team is diverse by design. We value the differences that each team member represents. We also recognize that everyone is important and has a role that matters. No individual is more important than anyone else, and no individual's time is more valuable.

What this means to our customers: Likewise, we will respect all of our customers. Many are from different regions, with different customs, cultures, and backgrounds, but they all have in common that they are trying hard to succeed in their own role and to make their companies successful. Our job is to serve them well, to simplify their lives, and to help them to be successful, whether they are similar to us or not.

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