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Utilizing A Build-to-Print Partner to get to Market Quickly and at Scale

On Sep 21, 2020

In this summary we outline a set of resources to help you get started with leveraging a build-to-print partner. This includes choosing a build-to-print partner, key questions to ask, how to navigate challenges and tips for improving your build-to-print process in the future.

Choosing a Build-to-Print Partner

Leveraging a build-to-print provider can be incredibly advantageous to organizations that need to replicate test systems when they lack either internal capability or when they are constrained due to other priorities. Here we describe critical elements and capabilities that you should consider as you research a build-to-print partner in order to ensure the best fit for your company, expectations, timeline and budget.

Key Considerations and Questions

After you choose a partner to work with, it is important that your team has fully considered some essential factors necessary for the success of your project. Below, we cover design and production standards, communication, transparency, capacity, and schedule.

Navigating Unique Build-to-Print Challenges

While a build-to-print provider should be adept at managing their own standardized and repeatable processes, some build-to-print projects also bring some unique challenges to be managed. In particular, here we will discuss two fairly common challenges that can strain even a mature provider.

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Leveraging Continuous Improvement, Automation, and Quality Systems

Consistency and automation of processes are key to ensuring predictable delivery and repeatability of delivered systems. Learn how to leverage the benefits of quality management systems (QMS), automated project management and tracking tools such as ERP systems, and ongoing focus on continuous improvement methodologies to improve quality, predictability, and cost on your build-to-print projects.

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